Tuesday, November 9, 2010

i miss them

well people, i miss them truly deeply madly!
eceh macam lagu savage garden la pulak. haha

  • i was a technical student with technically mental disorder. haha
  • most of us were in the same class since form 1 and form 2. 
  • we do fought for nothing and yet we were missing those kungfu fighting. haha
p/s : weird. i do miss my ex classmates. n it is even weird when they sent a message. 

p/s p/s : former classmates selalu dapat aura rindu aku. =.=

p/s p/s p/s : i luv all of u much. n i miss all of u. 


Un Phat Lee said...

err...(ape ak buat kat sini?damn damn)

ayuakira said...

haha ko mmg selalu je mcm ni kan? =p