Friday, October 19, 2012

Road To Kenyir


Embracing every moments spent.
We've gone through so many obstacles, 
so many fights,
so many beautiful moments,
and yet
there's always something to learn.

Tasik Kenyir, with love.

p/s : one more year to go. we'll see who will tied the knot first. ;p

Friday, October 12, 2012

10 Things I Wish To Do

Heh. This is so lame. But hey! here's my number so call me maybe? Everybody sure does have things in mind they actually wish to do but on some circumstances, they eventually can't do as they wish. 

Things I Want To Do

1. Star gazing. I have this picture in my mind, laying on the grass, look at the stars and babbling stuff. I bet I can stay like that the whole night. *giggles*

2. Learn how to swim. HAHA. i can't swim. How sad. I have this idea of how i could die in the pool. When we go swimming, practically, i am the one who takes pictures of my siblings. HAHA

3. Writing novels. I have always wanted to be one of the novelis. But im too shy to send my stories to any publisher. 

4. Sew my own baju kurung and dresses. I actually knew how to sew them, but i actually forgot how to, because i learnt that when i was in standard 2 i guess.

5. Travelling! i love travelling. but i don't have enough money to do that. basically, when we go travel, my mother paid for me. hahaha. lucky that all of my family love travelling.

6. Bungee jumping!

7. Ice skating. Yeah. Have never try it before.

8. Cycling. Dengan Jieji. haha

9. Having my own  walk in wardrobe.

10. Get marry to my favourite guy. (you know who)

Google Image

p/s : i should start searching for my water colour.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Keep it bottled baby. Keep it bottled.

No, im not keeping my feeling in a bottle.
I don't kept whatever is bothering my mind in  a bottle.
Keeping it bottled won't allow you to solve it.
The longer you kept it bottled, the easier you get annoyed with everyone else. Not just with that particular person. You make it bigger, but you just don't fucking realized what you have done.
Holy shit.
And now I'm not allowed to speak a word?
Am I only allowed to crawl in my bed, crying alone?
If you think I'm being irrational, then please. Think why the fuck was i behaved that way?
Holy crap. I'm not supposed to write this. I should keep everything bottled and crawl into my bed and cry myself out. Satisfy you?