Friday, March 5, 2010

releasing the stress


hmm...i guess all of us here is facing the same stress! A BUNCH OF ASSIGNMENTS that we have to submit it at the same time eventho we had it all at a very different time. a bunch of my stupidity will be submitted at 8 March 2010.


haila..its my stupidity because doing it in such a rush and rarely have times to re-check it. In such a RUSH because of stupidity of mine makes me surfing the net more than doing all of the assignments. Thats a AYUHISM!


ayuhism = kemalasan terlampau utk membuat esemen lantas menghabiskan masa berfesbuking/membaca novel.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Dear Little Me

she came..
from the middle of nowhere..
with her bright smile..
he got cought with her bright smile..

*I am happy for both of them*

And me..
stuck with the unfamiliar feelings..
that I have to avoid..

Dear little me~
stay conscious..
and dont take everything for granted..
you had it..
but you ignore it..
then you dont have to regret when it flown away from you..
its your fault in the 1st place..

Dear little me~
 wish him the best..
give him the bright smile..
a sincere smile from a friend..
because he deserve it..

Dear little me~
have fun with your life..
u deserve a better life..
its all in your way..

Dear little me~
have a good journey..
in the pathway..
that you've chosen..