Sunday, April 14, 2013

Minggu Terakhir di SKSB

Minggu terakhir di SKSB.
Tapi tak habis observe lagi.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

A little rain.



It's already Feb. And i made no progress.
Sadly, everything seems to be harder, tougher either in my carrier nor my love life.
It's ok, i know i can get through this.
All i need is patience and faith. and of course Him.
Maybe it's me, maybe im not understanding enough?
Or maybe i push far over the limit?
Or maybe i should not bother anything?
I have no answers for that.
I made no progress through 2013.
Frustrating enough.
Have made myself a promise, that i wont be a burden to him.
I wont be asking too much.
But thats all i've done.

M : you're always put the blame on yourself.
Me : should i not?
M : yes. you maybe at fault. but its not your fault 100%.
Me : i have to. im comforting myself.
M : comforting yourself the fish.
Me : if he cant do it, then i have to. one of us, need to.
M : you two such a trouble. godai you two. what a gay.
Me : yada yada.

notakakiwangi : should i put this in my novels? the conversations seems interesting, HA HA

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Of 3 Days in New Year.

Nothing special. Same 'ol same 'ol.
Thinking of renting another house, for upcoming practicum.
Because it is way too far from our current house.
What to do?
Moving things isn't that easy, y'know.
And i do think, I'm not ready yet for AR.
Tak tercapai akal, walaupun faham konsepnya.
Tak dapat bayangkan muka aku ni buat AR.
Tak tau nak cerita kat sape pun.
Cerita pun tak faham agaknya. Hmm.

Apa-apa pun, berharap yang baik-baik sahaja untuk semua.

Aamiin. InsyaAllah.


notakakiwangi : ..and it keeps bothering me. Pathetic.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Welcome To Senior Year!

I am now a senior. *angkat kening*
Nak tulis tu je.

Sincerely :
Newly senior, typing from her hometown instead of her school.