Sunday, November 25, 2012

May Allah Bless.

Everything went well.
She's now a part of our family.

Introducing you, le sister-in-law-to-be !!

notakakiwangi : aku nak kahwin cecepat. tapi AAJ taknak pula. ;p

Thursday, November 22, 2012

May Allah Bless


Counting days. 
May Allah bless us.
May everything going smooth as planned.

notakakiwangi : patutnya DJ ikut kite,tp sbb dia dah cuti seminggu minggu lepas,tak baliklah dia. *sedih*

Saturday, November 17, 2012

A life to live. A love to embrace.


Ayuakira weather forecast for today.

It's raining outside. But somehow, my heart felt a little joy. No. A lot of joy. Having someone who will look at you with so much love in their eyes, are somehow priceless. And thank you Allah, couldn't ask for more. 

notakakiwangi : rindu sebenarnya. tapi,apa boleh buat. redha. =)

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Housewife To Be

and happy holiday people!
(I don't know about you, but I am currently having my semester break until next year! weehoo!)

Yes, I'm back from Terengganu. And currently I'm taking her role as the housewife in the house. Why? Because she's not feeling well and I don't want her to worn out.

I used to think that being a housewife isn't that tough as it seems. But I guess I'm wrong after all. Just two days as a 'REPLACEMENT HOUSEWIFE', this came to me "just how mommy got all the energy to do all this stuff?" 

Kesimpulannya, being a housewife is a tough job. But unfortunately, I love being a housewife. In fact, from my early age, I only wish to be a housewife. I have this picture in my head, I'm going to study the highest I can, and get marry to someone I love and I want to settle down for good. I don't really care what people might say.  Because I seriously enjoy and love the idea of me being a housewife, being able to give my 100% attention to my husband and kids, being able to see my kids growing up. Because despite of me being able to multitasking everything, I would like only give my prior attention to Mr. Husband. Dan kalau aku bekerja pun, sebab kecintaan terhadap bidang keguruan dan pendidikan dan semestinya sebab nak mengurangkan bebanan Encik Suami. (sebab aku nak anak 8.haha)

Tudiaaaa. Aku dgn AAJ. hihii

Peringatan mesra : aku belum kahwin,belum berniat nak kahwin(tapi aku selalu je cakap nak kahwin), belum ada duit yg cukup untuk kahwin, dan belum pandai masak mcm mak aku.
notakakiwangi : saya harap awak tak lupa janji awak masa saya cuti ni.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Hello November!

It's been four days since 1 November though, but guess it's never too let to say 'hi' to our stressful November. Stressful enough because we're facing the exams. But if you looked at me you won't say I'm in the stressful condition. I guess it's because I'm so fucking freaking tired with all this examination. Seriously dude, just when the fish this all will be off from my life? This is seriously tiresome. 

But hey! I do love November!
It's holiday yawwwwwww!
Can't wait to go home this Monday.
After I finish with my Malay paper, I'll shoot right away to Seremban.
So people, stay tuned for my next project.  

And oh.