Sunday, February 28, 2010

:: friendship ::

im glad!
Mr. I have found his princess charming.
but somehow..
i felt im losing something.
im losing my friend.

its normal

when you got gf/bf..
all your world is about them..
i used to be like that, dulu lah..
[jadahnya aku warnawarnikan world tu?? sukehatiakula..entri aku kn??]

whatever u do..
they'll across ur mind without u realize it..

but sometime..
it do make others sick of it..
we ought to know that u're in love with them..
but u really really dont have to show it millions of times!
we know it already..
and..thank you for reminding it to us TONS of times.

we can hear ur story bout them..
its oke..
we dont care at all..
tak kesah...boley hal la~
but when it comes to..
wut the heck??
do u really think its a pleasure to hear that same old story?
so sorry..
we dun have guts to hear that every single minutes..

"ohhh Tuhan..bile boley berenti ni??"

that is wut was my heart says whenever im facing such situations.

borink la..
orang lain pun nak bercerita jugak..
i hear u..
u hear me..
we hears them..
its fair enough rite?

but to be true..
sometimes we dont see things like others see it..
maybe they just dont realized that they have repeated the same old story..
that they have make people annoys of every single minutes of boyfie stories..
biaukan je le..
kang satu ari bile kau ade boipren..
entah-entah kau pun same je mcm die..
sabau je le kiah oii..
ni time die..
kang da tibe time ko..
ko kongsi-kongsi la cte boyfiehood dgn die..

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

English Language

Why am i using english in my writing here?
..nothing special..
i dont care if there were mistakes in my grammar and whatsoever..
its normal...
people makes mistake...
who doesnt kan?

[its just me who keep doing the same mistakes..ngeh3]

actually its for my MUET...
im trying to sharpened my english...
*what the heck?? betul ke sharpened tu?*


ok...the KAMUS said sharpened are wrong!
it is sharpen~~lalala~~
ouh whatever..
i'll go and ask my lec later..
*poyo la later! hampeh xkn ditanye~*
at least im trying here..
whether there is reader or not...
its not important..
im trying to build my english..
*waahhh boleh bina ye??*

Sunday, February 14, 2010

::.:: jatuh cinta ::.::

Fall in love?

I guess everybody does. Me too. But does love fall for you? Hmm..i guess love does not fall for me. Well its hard for me to forget him. Orang selalu kata, alah..cinta budak-budak..nonsense! Nonsense for them, but not for me. If its true that the love was just a childish feeling, then why does i cant forget him? Why does i kept comparing him with some other guys?Its not that im closing my heart for other guys, but somehow i feel that i cant accept others. Its hard..What am i supposed to do when in my eyes i just see him, in my ear i heard him, i feel him in the heart, ouh he conquered myself completely!

I let him be. I let him be inside of me. Ouh how much im hoping that he can be erase from my mind! praying hard for that~ *sumpah* it just not fair seeing him live his life beautifully with his great gilfriend..[kononnyelah] huh..

Aku sayang die!

I keep saying that to my friends and they already bored to hear that..sorry la ye kawan-kawan. I can't help it. Dah macam 'wajibul ghunnah' pulak cakap benda alah tu..hehehe But really, i do love him and it seems like i don't have the same feelings towards any other guys.See? How special that Mr. S. Since we were in the same school, im afraid we would meet in any of school occassion..reunion especially. I just dont have the guts to face him. Oh my, im wondering..did i love him or this feeling is just some kind of foolish childish action~

Life goes on and it makes me strong

Life goes in a *happy life* *smile a lot* *cry a lot* *fight with my best friend* *sometimes lost in my own pathway* *having fun with people that i rarely talk to*

*life just beautiful in its own way*

Friday, February 12, 2010

Lee Min Ho

i am,
the moon,
that never can escape,
from Gu Jun Pyo's star

cafe world

diz is wut i supposed to do wen im home

*finishing my kkbi
*finishing my kkbi
*finishing my kkbi
*finishing my kkbi

but wut im doin rite now is..

*playing cafe world
*unfortunately im not go jogging


im sure i hv lots to do in sunday...
of coz im trying to do my kkbi..

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


i saw him..
he ran into me..
we smiled..
he gave me his phone number..
we became soO close..
we fall for each other..
i tot of sumtin..
n so do him..
i realize sumtin..
she came..
he freak out..
n i..
acting cool..
we burn everything..
the smile..
the gud lookin' face..
the memories..
the sweet honey lies..
i step out from the sweet fancy world..
he kept looking for me..
i noe..
juz from da start..
diz will never lasts..
all of sudden..
i fall again..
falling for GU JUN PYO..


Sunday, February 7, 2010

Boys Over Flower

i become addicted to BOF..
Lee Min Ho = hensem gile tak boley blah..
most of my frenz
likes Ji Hoo more den Gu Jun Pyo..
naaa,,,i dun care..
as long as dey dun take my Jun Pyo...
den its ok wif me..

as im in luf wif Jun Pyo..
i found dat..
i met sumone...
hu i tot has a very similar looks wif my Jun Pyo..
was my Gu Jun Pyo here!

nak Jun Pyo yang betul-betul memang takkan dapat..yang ciplak punya pun ok lah jugak..

im *his secret admire..
and he will neva find dat out..

*his = Jun Pyo ciplak


in pipel mind...
chantek = TAKEN oredy
is it a compulsory 4 beauties 2 hv bf?
lec BM ak kate...

*based on my frenz experience..hehe