Wednesday, June 1, 2011

i'm sorry, i love you

i got this K-drama from my friend. actually im searching for 49 days, but i ended up with this drama, and i just can't stop myself from keep watching it. 

i'm sorry, i love you.

she is Eunchae. he is Yoon.
Eunchae was the heroin, Yoon was the 2nd hero.

they nearly got hit a by a car. Eunchae wanted to save Yoon and she bleed.
Yoon : what are you doing??
Eunchae : i'm trying to save you. 
Yoon : see what you have done to your face? woman at your age can't have scratch right at their face.

see? he cares for her like hell. i think he likes her too. but he doesn't realize that. 

oke, i think that was sweet. she likes her so much. but he doesn't like her. but he cares for her more than anything in the world. 

notakakiwangi : even my boyfriend wouldn't be that sweet to me like he does to her. haha. seriously, you guys should watch this. and don't ever skip!

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