Tuesday, May 17, 2011

spending money. its a girl thing. and i'm a girl.


Oh hye. see that title? SPENDING MONEY. and im way too GOOD at spending my very precious money (as i got the money from government). yeah i know its a waste. rakyat bayar cukai macam-macam dekat kerajaan, yet im using the precious money for shopping the unnecessary things for my closet. eheh sorry Malaysian. i promise you i'll be a good teacher (nak balas jasa korang yang bayar cukai itu ini dan membolehkan aku dapat elaun. tehee).

i just bought two dresses in a couple of week! waaaaa that's a WASTE y'know. aduhh and my kepala is thinking hard how to explain this to my mom. (yalah, when im outta money im hoping for her to give me some, but i don't go to her and simply ask, "mommy can i have some money please?") NOOOOOO! memalukan and i might get a penampar Jepun. haha. 

its just sometime, when you're depressed over something, you bought thingsss you don't need. it's under control and it's beyond your intelligent mind thinking. you saw it, you click-ed it, and suddenly ; there's a mail in your gmail inbox THANK YOU FOR SHOPPING WITH US. PLEASE MAKE THE PAYMENT BEFORE 16 MAY 2011. HAPPY SHOPPING WITH US!

and you freak-ed out. when the hell did i bought this? *rasa macam nak lempang lajulaju pipi sendiri

i might need my very own walk-in-wardrobe. (surelah kalau dah perangainya membeli baju seminggu dua kali) such a waste! duhh =,=!!

notakakiwangi : entah sejak bila i turn into such-a-shopaholic-girl. somebody, save me!!! (sambil nyanyi lagu superman)

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