Monday, May 16, 2011

God Bless Us

Thank you teachers, who made me a HUMAN, a human with heart, empathy and sympathy, to have thought me what life is.  (i know i'm a minor trouble maker. don't blame me. i'm only trying to be me. *grinning)


May Allah bless all of my teachers ( Tadika Perpaduan, SK KGV, SMK KGV, SBPI SELANDAR and IPG Kampus Dato' Razali Ismail). Thank you very much. =) and teachers, i'm on my way to be part of you. =)

notakakiwangi : sometimes, a single wish can brighten our day. and im waiting for it from an -android- *sigh i should have know, an android wouldn't notice anything on you, would not have notice what's important for you and what is not. deal with it. so, thank you android. i've been waiting, but there's just....NONE. pathetic me. i should not have wait, in the first place kan? ahah btw, its platonicccccccccccccccccccccccc!!! (and why does this disclaimer lebih panjang daripada isi entri ni?) abaikannnnnn!!


Mr. Z said...

-.- i did forget to wish happy teachers day to you huh? as im forgetting everything and focusing on my final. adoy. sorry ah makcik tua.

btw, SELAMAT HARI GURU! budak2 skola rendah yg kau ngajo tuh, takde wish? hehe. :p

ayuakira said...

...n when did i said that i've waited for ur wish??? haha

am i that transparent, -android-? =p