Sunday, October 17, 2010

xjd nk tension dgn exam sbb dpt award =D

sy dpt award dr inchek boyfie! =)
tp mlsnye lah nk jawab soalan. xpe sbb awk da bg sye jwb jela..
*geli btol, xrock lgsg..haih*

1.Write 5 intresting facts about the person who gave u this award

- even he is my boyfie tp sy xtau nama die.haha xtau la kenape xtnye. =p
- pangai mcm bdk2..wekz =p
- a good listener.rilek je dgr sy nk carut apepon.haha tq =)
- die suke ijau same mcm mak+kk long
- Maher Zain boleh dikatekan mcm heart throb die. eh? haha

2. Write down 10 intresting facts about yourself and your hobby....

im no extraordinary person.mcm pmpn laen ske pink tahap petala kelapan.suke bace mushy lovey dovey rendah. itu fact yg seronok sbb mmbe2 suke bahan sye. =p ckop la tu..xyh bnyk2..bia inchek boyfie je yg tau sye mcm mne..wahh gedik! haha

3. Pick your most 10 deserving recipients and describe them

heh? xpayahla..hehe

4. Link the blog of the person who gives this award to you.

next award, dr inchek jieji juge. =)

1. Thank the person who gave you the award and the link of the person :
tengkiu pkcik! haha

2. Spread the award to 15 blogger who you like & you think their blogs are awesome :
xnk bg sape2. boleh? hee~ 


Mr. Z said...

haha. pndai da skang gune ayat gay2 nie. c(x

ayumi pinkahana said...

tgk la sape yg ajanye..haha

Mr. Z said...

ehh.. sape sape?? x)

ayumi pinkahana said...

entahla..ala yg poyo2 sket tu..knl x knl x? haha

Mr. Z said...

sape eh?? =,= macam tak kenal je. x)

ayumi pinkahana said...

xkenal ea? xpe nti ade mase ayu knl kn kt jie..oke? haha

Anonymous said...

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