Sunday, February 14, 2010

::.:: jatuh cinta ::.::

Fall in love?

I guess everybody does. Me too. But does love fall for you? Hmm..i guess love does not fall for me. Well its hard for me to forget him. Orang selalu kata, alah..cinta budak-budak..nonsense! Nonsense for them, but not for me. If its true that the love was just a childish feeling, then why does i cant forget him? Why does i kept comparing him with some other guys?Its not that im closing my heart for other guys, but somehow i feel that i cant accept others. Its hard..What am i supposed to do when in my eyes i just see him, in my ear i heard him, i feel him in the heart, ouh he conquered myself completely!

I let him be. I let him be inside of me. Ouh how much im hoping that he can be erase from my mind! praying hard for that~ *sumpah* it just not fair seeing him live his life beautifully with his great gilfriend..[kononnyelah] huh..

Aku sayang die!

I keep saying that to my friends and they already bored to hear that..sorry la ye kawan-kawan. I can't help it. Dah macam 'wajibul ghunnah' pulak cakap benda alah tu..hehehe But really, i do love him and it seems like i don't have the same feelings towards any other guys.See? How special that Mr. S. Since we were in the same school, im afraid we would meet in any of school occassion..reunion especially. I just dont have the guts to face him. Oh my, im wondering..did i love him or this feeling is just some kind of foolish childish action~

Life goes on and it makes me strong

Life goes in a *happy life* *smile a lot* *cry a lot* *fight with my best friend* *sometimes lost in my own pathway* *having fun with people that i rarely talk to*

*life just beautiful in its own way*

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