Tuesday, February 16, 2010

English Language

Why am i using english in my writing here?
..nothing special..
i dont care if there were mistakes in my grammar and whatsoever..
its normal...
people makes mistake...
who doesnt kan?

[its just me who keep doing the same mistakes..ngeh3]

actually its for my MUET...
im trying to sharpened my english...
*what the heck?? betul ke sharpened tu?*


ok...the KAMUS said sharpened are wrong!
it is sharpen~~lalala~~
ouh whatever..
i'll go and ask my lec later..
*poyo la later! hampeh xkn ditanye~*
at least im trying here..
whether there is reader or not...
its not important..
im trying to build my english..
*waahhh boleh bina ye??*

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