Sunday, February 10, 2013

A little rain.



It's already Feb. And i made no progress.
Sadly, everything seems to be harder, tougher either in my carrier nor my love life.
It's ok, i know i can get through this.
All i need is patience and faith. and of course Him.
Maybe it's me, maybe im not understanding enough?
Or maybe i push far over the limit?
Or maybe i should not bother anything?
I have no answers for that.
I made no progress through 2013.
Frustrating enough.
Have made myself a promise, that i wont be a burden to him.
I wont be asking too much.
But thats all i've done.

M : you're always put the blame on yourself.
Me : should i not?
M : yes. you maybe at fault. but its not your fault 100%.
Me : i have to. im comforting myself.
M : comforting yourself the fish.
Me : if he cant do it, then i have to. one of us, need to.
M : you two such a trouble. godai you two. what a gay.
Me : yada yada.

notakakiwangi : should i put this in my novels? the conversations seems interesting, HA HA

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