Saturday, August 4, 2012

madness over the Bridgerton!


and hye! long time no see. =)

Its kinda busy here, since i've started my practicum period. It has been emmmm 3 weeks i guess. (hell yeah. feels like it has been a life time through out the days.)

For this second phase, im teaching my major subject (BM) and 1st minor (PJ). wehhh siapa sahajalah mahu berPJ-PJ-an bulan-bulan puasa ni. Cis.

Well no, im not here to write bout the practicum. (but yes, it feels nice though to write this.haha)

Bridgerton anyone? 

i didnt know if any of my friends read this series of books. But i really really love it. (i mean it) Unfortunately i started with the last book -It's In His Kiss- and im craving for more. Im not that lucky. There's no Popular can be found at Kuala Terengganu, and i've begged Nor to buy me The Duke and I at Popular KB. eh aku memang tak malu pong. HAHA. 

Buku ni sebenarnya warna dia bukan kuning ek. its lime green. and its nice. and the story? way nicer than the cover looks like.

tapi tapi tapi, Nor kata The Duke and I sold out already. Hoi, i've been there 5 days before and its already sold out? heh. annoys me much.

tapi takpa, Nor kata she bought me Ten Things I Love About You. Which i'll definitely figure something out to prank my encik Davy Jones. HAHA

i wanted this.

but i got this. nvm. this is better than not having any, kan? =)

notakakiwangi : Dear my love Davy Jones, can i request to have Julia Quinn's as my birthday pressie? please please pleaseeeeeeee *winkwink*

notakakikakiwangi : for heaven-sake, i've been secretly wishing for this practicum period to end very soon. this is so killing me and its not pretty. 


WaNnY said...

is it really great? wah...gonna have a try lah...jarang bace novel cinta :P

Ayu Ibn Ghaff said...

wanny : best! tp better start dgn the duke and i, its in hiss kiss ni phase 7. hehe. Julia Quinn yg avon books pon ok gak~ =)