Sunday, June 17, 2012

Life is getting complicated

Salam satu Terengganu,

(awwww! ni semua pasal semangat kuliah pertama la ni.hihiii)

nothing much to say actually.
just me and my dear feelingsssss yang tergedik nak hupdate blog! haha

btw, ini serius.
teknologi sangat menyusahkan.
why the heck la they didn't invent batteries (for phones and lappy) that last long for at least 2 days. do u know that im that lil lady yang paling malas charging phone?
haaa i maybe need to only use Nokia 3310.with long lasting battery. HA HA

ok lah. baii~ ;p

p/s : calculating in mind how am i going to start anew after graduation. i need to buy a house, a car,paying back my mommy n sister for all this years, paying back my big brothers and saving up for the wedding. eh? gataiii no. hihii

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