Sunday, November 13, 2011

marry you!

it's a beautiful night,
we're looking for something dumb to do,
hey baby!
i think i wanna marry you~

im not marrying anyone (at least in two years time)
my husband to be (Nichkhun-shi) seems to be so busy that he can't marry me for at least.....millions years? hahaha
i've drank too much caffein. =,=
so my mind is not in a very good state ;p

*google image courtesy*

i guess i have to deal with it.
when you are living in maktab (ipg),
then you just have to deal with the facts that..
your friends are getting marry one by one,
and before you are even graduate,
your friends status ---> married.
*this is what happening to me*
im not saying
"hey friend. you can't get marry and leave me single"
*haha thats too immature*
but i envy them. a lot.
im happy to see them get marry to somebody they love and can take care of them,
but i suddenly feels so alone.
everyone's getting marry, and i have to attend their  ALONE!
oh this is frustrating! ahahaha
(ke budak maktab aku je yang ramai kahwin? maktab lain?)

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so friends!
yang nak kahwin the end of this year, next year or in this two years time,
enjoy your single moment before its too late.haha
have a beautiful life, please wake up every morning with smiles,
just like what Nichkhun did to Vic-omma ;p
cepat-cepat ada anak, so the next time i go to your kenduri,
its called kenduri cukur jambul.haha

*google picture courtesy*

introduce me to your husband's single friends.
so i won't be single anymore.
ahahaha *someone's goin to kill me for this*

notakakiwangi : thanks guys for inviting me to your wedding.
notanotakakiwangi : im using Khuntoria pictures because i love them too much!
notakakikakiwangi : counting years to get marry like you guys. hahahahaha *like that would happen*

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