Saturday, May 22, 2010

::my knight in shining armour::

in da middle of nowhere..
i found u..
i dunnoe how to explain this..
we started by a bet..
pipel maybe think dis is a c.r.a.p..
for no matter how long i think of it..
for no matter how much i tot of us..
i dun hv da answers..
i dunnoe if i've fallen into u..
i dunnoe wuts goin on between us..
i dunnoe wut u hv in ur mind..
but b..
if we're only frenz..
den do tell me..
im not goin to scold u..
tell me if u think its a mistake from da start..
tell me wut u hv for me..
bcuz b..
i dun wanna get h.u.r.t anymore..
its hurt so much 'till i cant live a normal life..
if there's notink..
den do tell me b..
i will throw away da feelings..
i noe..
im faling for u by time..


Anonymous said...

WoW so mUcH oF FeELingS waiting to just spill out....Ayu, ayu....hmmm to the "b" please open ur eyes wide and realise the treasure u f at the front of u.....

ayumi pinkahana said...

kalash...u shud hv said dat in front of 'b'..hahah

adni shakeela said...

translate sndri ok! hahaha
[ p tnya dia btul2 ]
jgn sedih2 lagi mcm dulu k! huhu
susah ati je nengok

adni shakeela said...


kalashini said...

okay let's go and meet him up....jom2...hahahaha...surohlah dye baca blog nie....dye tau tak kewujudan blog nie????

ayumi pinkahana said...

adni shakeela : haha..xmo sedey2..bia lah die...stdy lg bgs..hahah
[wahhh kn bgs kalo dr dlu lg ak aim nk stdy je..kih3]

kala : haha..ak jumpe die kelmarin kala..die xtaw pon kewujudan blog ni..heee~